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The science behind the need for hand washing and hand sanitizing is sound. Überloo International turns sound science into everyday practice: good intentions into reality. Also a reality is the well known fact that not every person sanitizes or cleans their hands when they are supposed to.

Technology that compels compliance: Überloo International's proprietary technology leads the way in unique hygiene solutions; the Überdoor, with its Wash Hands First™ option; the Sanitizing Sentry Door Systems, the ÜberTurnstiles and more represent the only technology on the world market to assure hand washing and hand sanitizing.

Überloo International's proprietary products include:

1) Überdoor- 100% Hands free Restroom Door System

Description: Restroom door that opens, closes & locks without touching. Multiple add-on options including but not limited to: RFID & data logging, video display, internet connected, remote monitoring, white noise maker.

2) Überdoor with Hand Washing Compliance System

Description: Same as above + Wash Hands First™ compliance system tied to soap & water + remote management monitoring. Users of the restroom may not exit hands free without washing their hands. Should a visitor to a Wash Hands First™ equiped restroom exit manually the incident may be recorded or transmitted immediately to an email address, cell phone device etc.

3) Toilet Tissue (Paper Towel) Remote Monitor & Door Lock

Description: Paper monitor that is equipped with sensors to indivate low paper, empty paper or low battery. The sensors send signals to remote monitoring personnel's cellphones, email or fied display unit. May also be enabled to work with Überdoor. Will lock Überdoor from persons attempting to enter should paper supply empty. Überdoor will flash a message to contact maintenance with a phone number.

4) Patient Doorway Sentry

Description: Hand sanitizer located immediately next to patient room doorway- sounds reminder to "Please sanitize your hands" and will alarm if doorway crossed without sanitizer activation.

5) Building Entrance Door Sentry

Description: Hand sanitizer located next to building entrance (controls automatic doors)- sounds reminder to "Please sanitize your hands". Doors will not open automatically without sanitation. Can send monitoring signals remotely + may be equipped with data logging.

6) Überturnstile with Sanitizer

Description: Turnstiles activated when hand sanitizer is activated. Available in traditional 3 arm turnstile or optical turnstile. Traveler may not pass through without hand sanitation. 100% hand sanitation compliance assured.

7) Basic Door Mag Lock with Sanitizer

Description: Simple magnetic lock installation that holds any door from opening until the touch less sanitizer located next to the door is activated. May be used on manual or automatic doors. Manual doors may have handles with antimicrobial coatings.

Stay tuned to Überloo..We have 7 additional products in advanced state of development. A revolution is about to come to the restroom stall.
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