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The World Health Organization has stated loudly and clearly that hand hygiene is a primary, effective and cost-effective method of preventing and reducing bacterial and viral infections. Überloo International's commitment to a reduction in the spread of contagious bacteria and viruses is as solid as the World Health Organization's advice.

Our Überdoor, with its innovative "Wash Hands First ™" technology, is the only door in the global market that relates the opening of the restroom door to the washing of hands. No other washroom system compels a person to wash hands prior to exiting.

Approaching an Überdoor to exit the washroom, the guest is gently reminded to wash hands. The act of hand-washing subsequently readies the door for opening.

The Überdoor is one of Überloo's "Superior Hygiene Solutions™" to the problem of cross-contamination and disease transmission. An Überdoor is particularly ideal for washrooms where

  • large numbers of people gather, such as subways, arenas, schools and other public buildings
  • germs and contagions are concentrated, such as hospitals, pharmacies, and medical clinics
  • persons with compromised immune systems reside, such as hospices and nursing homes
  • sites are highly regulated, such as commercial kitchens, food production plants and laboratories
  • globetrotters enter a hub for travel, such as airports, train stations and cruise ship terminals.
In other applications, the Überdoor is ideal for washrooms at office, retail, and hospitality facilities, and at highway re-fueling stations.

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