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Patient Room Door Sentry™
The World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes that many healthcare-associated infections—cross-contamination within hospitals-- lead to patient suffering and even death. Furthermore, the World Health Organization teaches that cross-contamination can and should be prevented.

The Überloo Patient Room Door Sentry™ promotes optimal disease and infection control near points of care in hospitals where disease and infection situate.

The Überloo Patient Room Door Sentry™ builds upon hospital protocols. Right where disease and infection control is of utmost importance, the Überloo Patient Room Door Sentry™ provides another line of defense between patient to patient contact, healthcare workers and hospital visitors.

As a caregiver, visitor or patient moves to enter or exit a patient room, a stop light and a gentle reminder urge the person to sanitize hands. Once done, a green light and a gentle noise (optional) indicate compliance.

Überloo is committed to patient health and safety.

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