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How To Join

1. Evaluation and Consultation: A short information session, inspection of your existing restrooms with recommendations for improvements, and a second consultation, if necessary.

2. Retrofitting, Renovation, or New Construction: Under contract, Überloo will provide a basic retrofit of existing restrooms using professional technicians, or can arrange a complete renovation utilizing professional designers and Überloo technicians. Either option includes Überloo's "Superior Hygiene Solution™" and you can choose from a wide spectrum of cost options.

In the case of new construction, Überloo’s professional team of designers, technicians, and installers, will deliver the technology, products and services guaranteeing "Superior Hygiene Solutions.™"

In order to display the "Smiling U" ™ your Überloo must:
  • utilize Überloo's touchless devices to ensure superior hygiene solutions
  • be wheelchair accessible (comply with ADA Accessibility Guidelines)
  • be environmentally friendly
Where infection control is a major concern as in healthcare facilities, Uberloo’s proprietary technology (Uberloo’s Outdoor Sentry and Patient Room Door Sentry) are recommended.

3. Branding: After the required improvements have been made, your business will be provided with an Uberloo "toolkit" of further resources and recognizable signage that tells the world you offer sanitary touchless restrooms.

4. Marketing: Inclusion in a comprehensive, diversified, and ongoing global multi-media marketing and promotional campaign.

The "Smiling U"™ may only be displayed in advertising, web sites, highway signs and on the exterior of establishments that have attained the Überloo standard of hygiene and have been certified by Überloo International.

Each Überloo will receive:
  • "Smiling U" ™ signage
  • A "Superior Hygiene Solution™" Manual and Resource Tool-kit
  • Educational and training sessions for maintenance staff
  • Educational / informative plaques outlining the "Superior Hygiene Solutions™" program
  • Registration of the location of the retrofitted or new construction toilet on international websites
  • A coordinated media and public relations strategy
  • Product Warranties

Is Überloo for you?

If you require "Superior Hygiene Solutions™" in the fight against infection and disease, Überloo is for you. Our proprietary technologies are the best in the global market and are ever-improving to meet new health security issues.

Further, any business or organization that has a publicly accessible toilet-- hospital and healthcare facilities, schools, public and government buildings, restaurants, malls, service stations, retail outlets, and tourist destinations worldwide--can enjoy the benefits of Überloo. Click here to Contact Us

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