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An Überloo is a public restroom that has been outfitted with hands-free devices; meets and maintains a high standard of hygiene; is environmentally-friendly and wheelchair accessible; and has been given permission to proudly display the "Smiling U" Uberloo

The easy-to-recognize "Smiling U"™, displayed at restaurants, gas stations, retail shops, hospitals, clinics, airports, schools, office buildings or elsewhere assures the public of superior quality restrooms.

It's Simple:

  • The "Smiling U"™ symbol means a sanitary touchless restroom is nearby and offers immediate peace of mind to customers, travelers, visitors, and employees alike. Click Here to See Why Überloo is in Demand.

  • A "Smiling U"™ sign, recognized world wide, is guaranteed to translate into customer appreciation and loyalty. Display the Überloo "Smiling U"™ together with your signage and discover its numerous benefits. Click Here to go Directly to Benefits.
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