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Überloo International is proud to offer a series of state-of-the-art technology solutions for 100% hands free restrooms and to assist or compel individuals to wash/sanitize their hands. Here below are some Überloo animations of our products. Please click on the photo of the animation if you wish to view or forward the video to a friend or colleague. You will have the opportunity to write in a box your comments intended for the viewer.

Should you have any questions or a need for a technological hygiene solution please write us an email: info@uberloo.com. Thank you for your interest in Überloo International.

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1. What is an Überloo Restroom?
Wash Hands
2. Überdoor and the "Wash Hands First" feature: compeling restroom users to wash their hands prior to exiting.
Uberloo Patient Doorway Sentry
3.Überloo Patient Room Doorway Sentry: Visitor's entering & exitting patient's room trigger a light & signal if hands are not sanitized.
3 Arm Turnstile
4. Überloo 3 Arm Turnstile Sanitizer: 100% of pedestrian traffic must sanitize hands prior to passing through turnstile.
Uberloo Optical Turnstile
5. Überloo Optical Turnstile Sanitizer: 100% of wheelchair traffic must sanitize hands prior to passing through turnstile.
Door Opening Sentry
6. Überloo Door Opening Sentry: All traffic entering or exiting a building with an automatic door must sanitize before the door will open.
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