Gary Larson's, Didn't Wash Hands,Ludington Daily News, Monday February 17th, 1992, Gary Larson's Didn't Wash Hands in Ludington Daily News Monday February 17th 1992
Überloo is all about providing superior washroom facilities that are easily recognizable and easy-to-find by the general public. Based on over 20 years experience pioneering and providing top of market licensed facilities and highest hygienic & accessibility standards in the long term care field on Prince Edward Island, President G. Raymond Brow has developed Überloo. Mr. Brow is also President of Britannia Corp., Lennox MacMillan United Ltd., and Totalcare Inc. and has recently completed a two term Presidency of the Nursing Home Association of Prince Edward Island. The goal of Überloo is to provide one stop shopping and design services to create the superior washroom experience. Our commitment to our clients is to offer the best products and services to create the ultimate clean washroom. Überloo’s trademarked brand – ‘the smiling U’® will be awarded to washrooms that attain the highest standards of environmental considerations, accessibility, and touch-free operating systems.
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